How We Work

Thaleria can help strengthen your teams either by staffing open positions under a consulting model, or by providing you with the right candidates under a recruitment model.

Decentralized Model


Thaleria developed a network across Europe with a global reach that guarantees sourcing talent from wherever it exists. As the worlds of Information Technology and Digital Services become increasingly globalized, restricting talent searches to local markets is no longer a viable option for many of our clients. Thaleria’s reach improves both the quantity and overall quality of profiles sourced by providing a larger candidate pool, while also keeping costs under control by preventing remaining stuck in overheated local markets. With a long-standing keen expertise and meticulous follow-up in relocation processes added to this reach, you can find in Thaleria a partner which will help you internationalize your teams in the smoothest possible way.



One of our founding principles has always been the belief that the consulting market should shift its focus from Sales to HR. People and talent is what really, truly matters – more so than commercial considerations. And from our experience, our clients agree. Our clients want experts who are loyal, committed and happy in their professional life, which does not happen when a company is willing to sacrifice its people to save itself or its partners. Thaleria will always try to strike a balance, but our focus is, undeniably, on taking care of our people and providing them with the most fulfilling professional experiences.



Thaleria was born within the start-up culture and aspires to perpetually retain the lean-dynamic-agile mindset. We take full advantage of all the tools and upcoming technologies to consistently improve our practices, remain close to our clients and extend our reach. This translates to a great customer support, round-the-clock availability for our consultants and a fun, modern, efficient approach to day-to-day operations.


Our Process

Every workflow at Thaleria is built with one thing in mind: simplifying the life of both our clients and our consultants.

  1. Sourcing

    Our decentralized team will use its global reach and candidate pools across the globe to find the right talent.

  2. Quality Control

    Our admin team will thoroughly check and vet applicants to ensure we have a match with each request.

  3. Application Prep

    Application packages are meticulously prepared to make sure our clients have all the information they need.

  4. Onboarding

    Detailed relocation support for accommodation, administrative, legal and fiscal procedures.

  5. After Care

    Continuous support and regular networking events to make life in Belgium as smooth as possible for the entire family.

  6. Career Development

    Career plans including regular project follow-up and trainings to lay the path our consultants want for themselves.


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