Data Science

Today, an enormous amount of data is being produced at all times. Due to its sheer volume, most businesses and institutions do not have the necessary infrastructure, processes and management policies to make proper use of this big data and the information that it contains. And for those that do, they may very well be faced with the challenges presented by collecting data from an increasing number of sources, clean up and interpretation, as well as the pressing issues of data security and privacy.

Thaleria's Data Services therefore focus on two things: on the one hand, bringing this kind of structure and organization to you so that you may start taking advantage of your data’s valuable insights; on the other hand, helping you improve your already-existing projects and solutions. To achieve that, we leverage our experience in the fields of Analytics, Business Intelligence and Machine Learning/Natural Language Processing, and we put at your disposal all our knowledge and tools in data discovery, storage, optimization and analysis.

Thaleria Data Science projects

DG Comp

Thaleria is one of the main providers of Data Science services to DG COMP, the European Commission’s Directorate-General responsible for the EU’s policies on competition and antitrust laws. Their Data Science projects have a special focus on Machine Learning, Data Mining, Data Analytics, and NLP and, in conjunction with the AI team of DG COMP, we helped define and execute the vision, strategy, architecture, action plan and development for all of these fields. Some of the most notable projects Thaleria participated in were TARML, an analysis of emails and attachments to check for insights in the data; and State Aid Decisions, an automatic recognition of certain entities (such as the budget, parties involved, etc.) of state aid given by the European Commission to countries and states. In both, we were involved in the definition of the data tools, creating data products and applications to analyze text using those tools, and the analysis, assessment and maintenance of a catalogue of AI use cases applied to competition enforcement.

DG Connect

The projects we managed were mainly focused on data and text analytics – measuring stakeholder engagement, sentiment analysis with social media, collaboration platforms or chatbots. Being for the Directorate-General in charge of European investments in research, innovation and development of digital technologies, the projects were in the fields of research management, policy making and e-government initiatives. Some notable projects Thaleria worked on are the Innovation Radar, a methodology developed to identify the disruptive potential of innovations through specific indicators; ISA Futurium, digital solutions for cross-border and cross-sector public services; and Digital4EU, a program responsible for the reduction of roaming tariffs, broadband development and coordinated cyber security in the EU (among others).