Choose the best delivery model for your business

Fixed Price Project Development

Bringing an entire project to life from its inception to delivery, while also meeting deadlines, can be a daunting task. Therefore, if you have a perfectly clear and defined idea of what you want and are looking for someone to execute it successfully, on time, and at the most competitive cost, the Fixed Price delivery model is the right option for you.

Big picture

you provide the full scope and the business objectives for the project and we are then responsible to deliver it all on time. Detailed requirements for each feature or module are analyzed and agreed upon with your team for each sprint, on a weekly or biweekly basis, and then implemented by us. Reviews at the end of the sprints ensure the project is going well, thereby allowing to focus on the big picture while we deliver.

Clear-cut approach

defining well the scope and objectives before the work begins requires a mature IT approach, and our team helps you get there by advising on architecture and technology. Where flexibility is less important because your requirements are crystal-clear from the get-go, Thaleria can commit on timelines and goals: you know exactly what you need, and we deliver it.

Eyes on the prize

we focus on what really matters: delivery. This approach allows both organizations to be as efficient as possible and therefore the project is delivered at the best value for you. And to prove it we’re even willing to compare our quote with offers from other providers.

Fixed Price Consulting at Thaleria

Fixed Price is a delivery model that Thaleria has used mainly for projects in the private sector, for the development of internal systems and platforms.

Among the most significant examples is a project for a client in the medical sector. Our client needed a platform where medical specialists could interact and directly discuss a treatment plan, and where the patient could confirm by placing an order for the treatment, including all the necessary materials. The platform was developed with a React-based technology stack, but with the integration of several custom components: a Computer-Aided Design application in C++ and VTK to treat, prepare and modify medical scans; a 3D module to visualize medical scans on the platform, eCommerce elements to order material from medical suppliers, a calendar solution to manage appointments with several parties, chat functions, user management, and many others.

As we believe in our own capabilities, most internal tools at Thaleria have been developed under a similar approach: internal systems and tools were developed custom-made for our needs and business logic, rather than obtaining more expensive out-of-the-box solutions from the market. The same applies to you: no system will ever be as tailored to your needs than the one you conceptualize yourself – often at a lower cost.