Choose the best delivery model for your business

Time & Means Consulting

If you already have the necessary infrastructure and a working team, but are missing some in-house expertise or are struggling to find new talent to add, then Time & Means is the delivery model best suited for you. By putting staff at your disposal to be integrated within your team, you retain full control over the management of the projects and are simply billed by time.

Full flexibility

You manage the projects how you see fit and can easily make any changes needed at any time. You focus on what’s essential, while we have you covered for all technical needs that may arise.

Less management

Searching and finding the perfect candidates for your projects takes time and resources. And so does managing your payroll. You don’t have to worry about any of that, since we take care of everything from launching the initial search all the way to providing full and ongoing HR and technical support to all of our consultants.

Specialized knowledge

Take full advantage of our vast international network of expertise and our longstanding experience in technical delivery across multiple countries and all areas of Technology, to ensure you always find the best experts for your project.

Time & Means Consulting at Thaleria

T&M is one of the delivery models in which Thaleria has been the most heavily involved since its creation, providing services covering a wide scope of clients in both the public sector (public and European institutions) and the private sector (banking, finance and insurance).

The framework contract DIGIT TM II is a prime example, as it is currently the biggest IT framework contract of the European Institutions, aimed at providing IT services across the whole of Europe, and is also where we have done most of our work in T&M. It allows the European Commission and its agencies to contract thousands of professionals that will then be working in many different fields (development, testing, infrastructure, security, data science …) on hundreds of varied cross-European projects.

Over the years, we have provided a significant number of consultants to multiple different Directorate-Generals (DGs) of the European Commission through DIGIT TM II and its previous iterations, with the following being some of the most important beneficiaries and influential projects: DG CLIMATE (Union Registry project), DG SANTE (FSCAP & FLIS projects), DG FISMA (BASIS 2 project), DG ENER (EPREL project) and DG DEFIS (DEFEND project).

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European Commission
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