Cloud DevSecOps

We understand that whether you’re starting from scratch with implementation or managing the increasing complexity of scaling, DevOps can often be a scary topic. Which is why our services are designed to ease with the shift in focus from development to delivery and help and assist you at every stage – from overcoming the resistance to change often encountered with the necessary adoption of new tools in multiple areas, to migrating from legacy applications to microservices, and all the challenges in terms of governance, the multiplicity of environments as you grow, integrating security, as well as needing a much closer collaboration between departments and making room for a more “bottom-up” approach to innovation.

Thaleria Cloud DevSecOps projects

DG Fisma

Thaleria was tasked with re-platforming the existing BASIS application to Java/Angular technologies, as well as introducing DevOps procedures and tools to enhance efficiency in deployment and release activities. Some of the main tech stack used was Java, Spring Boot, Angular 7, TypeScript, Atlassian Bamboo, Jenkins, Apache Kafka, Nexus, Sonar, Postman and ElasticSearch.

DG Clima

Our team was mainly responsible for the CO2 emissions trading system, through the Union Registry project - an online database that holds accounts for stationary installations (transferred from the national registries used before 2012) and for aircraft operators (included in the EU ETS since January 2012). Our primary responsibilities were the automation of client-side testing, the deployment of WebLogic web applications and creating server images & database connections.

DG Sante

Thaleria was involved in two main projects - FSCAP (Food System Common Authorization Procedure) & FLIS (Food Labelling Information System). For FSCAP, our main contribution was the design and integration of the architecture for the food chain platform, allowing intercommunication with EFSA (the European Food Security Agency) and the member states. For FLIS, we were in charge of the development and maintenance of the administration interface of the public website, the repository of all European Commission regulations and directives related to food labeling.